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It is our goal to build a business partnership that will provide you with the staffing support necessary to achieve your business goals. Our mission is to make your job easier and more pleasant than ever by using All-In-One Staffing. Making the decision to partner with our company, will be a wise investment. We guarantee our exceptional returns.

  • Recruit and Identify Qualified Candidates
    • Our automated data system provides detailed information about each of our customers and employees. This ensures accurate placement of qualified candidates for each job assignment.

  • Prescreen Candidates
    • This is done first by resume submittal and then a telephone interview.​

  • Reference Checks
    • Reference Checks to ensure the quality of past performance relevant to current assignments.

  • Interview Process
    • An extensive inhouse interview is performed along with any Skills Test that need to be administrated​.

  • Complete I-9 & Tax Forms
    • All In One Staffing participates in E-Verify​

  • Criminal Background
    • Available as Nationwide or Statewide​, Standard Results within 48 hours.

  • Drug Screen
    • Per each Clients request and specifications, most are done at our office with results in 20 minutes or less​.

  • New Hire Report Packet 
    • Orientation letter to acquaint our employees with policies and procedures.


  • We will confirm the placement of qualified employees and new starts via email. 
  • Weekly/Monthly performance evaluations on each employee assigned at Clients request.
  • Monthly detailed reports customized per request.
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